Before Bulldog, life wasn’t pretty. Then one day, a father and son, who owned a car painting business, decided to increase throughput and eliminate plastic coating comebacks. They combined a few steps by mixing a flex agent, adhesion promoter and tie-coat. Cycle times shortened, comebacks were virtually eliminated and Bulldog was born.

8 Reasons to use Bulldog:

  • Reduces material costs and increases turnover by combining a flex agent, adhesion promoter, and tie coat in one
  • Decreases waste and cost by allowing you to reuse leftover material
  • Eliminates masking when spraying jambs and edges on both metal or plastic
  • Highlights and improves coverage when tinted with automotive colorants
  • Dries fast to increase shop efficiency
  • Dries to a clear finish so it can be used for jambs and edges; over spraying is never an issue
  • Acts as a flex agent to improve impact resistance and flexibility of coating
  • Meets Federal, State, and Local VOC regulations under the Specialty Coatings Category ( liquid TPO123 - Max V.O.C. 748 g/L)

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